I didn’t call the doc today about this weekend, though I must.  Hopefully I can do that tomorrow after I get back from MOPS.  Upon further evidence (I won’t go into it) and consideration, I’m wondering if I was either going through ( a ) kidney stones (due to family history, that’s what I’m basing my guess on) or ( b ) dehydration.  I had not been drinking much water, in fact I had been drinking coffee more than anything in the week or so before that, so that’s why I’m guessing it as a possibility.  Besides, it’s not like I need to drink coffee anyhow…I get tired enough with my life the way it is anyhow.  Though right now I think I might be able to stay up all night, ha ha (not a chance).  What bugs me the most from the stuff over the weekend is the itchiness, which continues.  And it’s all over.  In odd places, like the soles of my feet.  You don’t want to see my belly from all the itching (though with some Calamine Clear, that’s stopped some).

I’m looking forward to tomorrow.  Hopefully this won’t occur again.  Also, though, I’m somewhat excited yet somewhat apprehensive to see the results of the election.  I plan to go out and vote early tomorrow.  Before I leave for MOPS, and if the polls really do open as early as I’ve been told, or at least read here on the net, then I’ll go not long after D leaves for school.  Then it’s MOPS and then back home because the Resident Manager’s supposed to come tomorrow to fix our ceiling.  He was nice enough to stop by and not just say “I’d like to come by on this day” but ask when we good for us.  I think that was rather kind of him.  I was getting a bit peeved seeing him go in and out, heaven knows how long he was staying, and I was sure he would have a problem with maybe me not being here the day he had planned to before.  But he came by very gracious, and thanking me for my patience.  I guess many others around here aren’t so nice, calling the landlord even when he’s done something, saying he’s not doing his job, but I’m sitting here patiently waiting.  Well, it’s like I told him.  I know this landlord, I know how he is, and how much of a tightwad he is—though he’s the one that called him a tightwad, I’m just agreeing with him.

It’s nearly time for me to go into bed.  With all I’ve gone through with my health lately, I don’t know what to think about anything anymore.  I’m just generally scared is all.  Is my fatigue at this time or that time normal?  Now it should be, as it’s later at night and all…..right now I feel more normal than I have in a while.  Period.

Good night all 🙂

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