Thursday Evening…

Hey, tomorrow’s my sister’s 27th birthday. Yeah, yeah, I know it’s Halloween too (don’t I know all too well???), but it’s bigger that it’s her birthday 🙂 Wish I could send you to wish her a happy one, but she doesn’t have a blog 😐 And I don’t know how often she and her husband get on the net (they live at my parents’ house right now, for several reasons, none the least important being to keep dad company, though that’s not the biggest or worst reason :-|).

Anyhow, hit another one of my odd funks. I don’t know if it’s the weather or this place or the fact that I’m fat or what, but I keep feeling into these. They bug me.

I can finally quit holding my breath. I won nothing in my first contest. But winning wasn’t the important thing (though, you know, I could still get honorable mention). The important thing was entering. Now I REALLY have to get work on my next one, and get back into the gear of writing every day again. *sigh* bad me.

One good thing—P went to sleep, by his own decision, in the toddler bed that my parents bought for him for his birthday. I don’t know, but do you think it might have something to do with the fact that my rearranging our bedroom brought some attention to it? 🙂 We’ll have to see how long he stays. But it’s nice anyhow.

Now, I want to do some reading and relaxing before I go to bed, so I’ll see you all later 😀


  1. Good Night, Sweetheart. Sleep well and be happy when you wake in the morning.

    Just remember – no matter how bad you’ve got it, there’s someone out there that has it worse. There’s a woman out there, a blogger, who has been missing for 5 days. Missing. Her family is going crazy with worry.
    You are home with your family. Hug ’em. Hug ’em all and thank God for what you DO have.

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