Suddenly Saturday…

Yes, suddenly it’s Saturday. Where did the week go? Most of it I felt some variation on today’s theme—just plain horrible. Well, okay, I didn’t feel sick (though there’s a bit of a sneezing fest coming and going lately—usually I have some serious sneeze-fests, that I mistakenly attribute to some onset of my dust allergy, just before I get a really bad cold), but I didn’t feel all that up to much other than sitting at home. Not that I have been feeling much more than that anyhow. And not that I’ve been totally enjoying the “sitting at home” part for many of the reasons I’ve mentioned countless times before. I’m not going to bore you or annoy you with a listing of them, so have no fear of that. I think part of why I sit at home is because I don’t want to go out of the house and run into some of those people I have problems with around here….

You know, I sit sometimes and wonder about our new place. The normal stuff—where is it going to be? Who is going to ( a ) be our landlord or ( b ) be the people we are buying it from? What is my kitchen going to look like? Am I going to be able to have an open floor plan? Am I going to be able to have a whole wall of shelves? I want a huge wall of shelves. I can’t have one here, because we don’t own the place and I can’t do a dang thing about anything around here. But when I went into the pastor’s office, the one the couple who are pastors of the church share, I noticed they have this big wall of shelves. And it’s not FULL, they are each about half full (I think), and have other things there too. And I don’t want to fill up my shelves either. I’ve been getting better, thanks in part to PaperBackSwap, at keeping a small amount of books. Problem is because I have a crappy old bookcase, which is actually a really sturdy one, but I just broke the one shelf with all of my books, and so there is overflow. I’ve got books on the table like thing in front of it—that used to be my stereo “cabinet” but has now just because a place for P’s books and has often been used as my “end table” where I put everything I want to read, etc. I’ve got books in 2 boxes in there. Those books are my Creative Writing books, my textbooks from my Creative Writing classes and my Native American Studies classes, plus the 3 ring binders I put all my notes and such from my classes in college, and the 3 ring binders my research for certain papers are. I want bookshelves, whether they be in our living room or our office, the cover a whole wall and that I can keep my books and other knick knack or curio things in—like the few angel figurines I’ve got. I want hardwood floors, or the ability to put them in. You know, there’s a house that was on my Penny Saver route that’s now for sale. It’s got hardwood floors (oh the magic of the internet, they have photo galleries on the real estate webpages that allow you to get glimpses into places). Anyhow. So, I daydream about it. I want out of here bad…

You know something that keeps me amazed. How I keep getting Twitter followers who have etsy shops. Really now, what’s WITH that? How am I THAT interesting?

Finally, my oh so exciting title brought something to mind. That it’s close to Suddenly Susan, whose main character was Brooke Shields. Have you seen these new commercials she’s in, for that car—is it a Volkswagen? Either way, whatever it is…they are driving me batty. I’m sick of them. I suppose it can’t be worse than the selling out Meat Loaf did letting the Go Phone use “Paradise by Dashboard Light” (AWESOME FRIGGIN’ SONG!). Just sad. And Tiffany as the mom? PUH-LEASE!


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