Tuesday afternoon

Today’s gone pretty good. The worst part is probably not being able to figure out the game we’ve been working through, because I seem to be stuck on this one level. Such things bug the heck out of me.

I’m still patiently waiting to see if I’ve won anything from that contest I entered. We should find out sometime this week. But while I told the pastor who is them mentor at MOPS about the story I’m contemplating for the entry for the next contest I’m going to enter, I haven’t done any work on it. I need to get on it and soon. That starts tomorrow.

MOPS went well. No big hang ups, and everyone was in their proper groups 🙂 We painted mugs today. I’m not crazy about mine—I ruined the angel wings when I painted black defining lines on them, and when I want to paint over them with some sparkle-ly paint, it just accentuated the whole thing.

Well, I’ve got an afghan to finish, so I’ll go now. The house actually looks pretty good, which is why I’m not complaining about it 🙂

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