Just before the weekend.

This should be a quiet weekend. A REALLY quiet weekend, because yet again D’s going to be gone for a Girl Scouts camping trip.

The house looks so nice now that I’ve been putting some serious work into it. Guess what? I’m on my last sink of dishes! And a lot of clothes are getting washed! Few of them are D’s (on going problem around here). But I’ve found out something fun—my little guy is actually EXCELLENT at folding!!! He only gets the small towels right now, and some of his shirts when we do his clothes—-but he does really good! Makes a mom proud! I’ve always gotten compliments on how well behaved my kids are (if only some of those people could see…), and especially with this guy and how helpful he is. He’s my kid who used to throw a fit if he couldn’t help you do this or that. Now I have to encourage him some, but most of the time he will still help.

I’m in such a good mood that as I’ve sat here, I’ve gone through one of my bookmarks folders, and I’ve opened the tabs in my daily visits folder. I started looking at this one website with daily cartoons, and today’s makes me think of my lists in a way.

A morning routine I just can't subscribe to---no laptop 😦

I’ve gotten so many more twitter followers—just today I woke up to 2 notifications in my email. What’s with that? Again, all etsy members. Hmm. Another thing I have to do today—pictures pictures pictures and figure out being a seller on etsy! Or maybe this weekend.

I haven’t written anything yet today, but I did work on two stories yesterday before leaving for the MOPS meeting. Did I talk about that? Answering my own question (because I looked)—nope. They were both Sunday Brunch prompts that I had started closer to the days they were originally posted (I don’t write much on Sundays, and sometimes I go back and look up old exercises on the Toasted Cheese calendar—it’s no longer just do that particular day’s, but whatever trips my fancy). I found the one interesting because I started with just the answer to the prompt from that day, which I had written before. Then the next one triggered the memory of what our pastor did in his sermon for the Free Fall Day at the Fairgrounds, and finally the last one fit well with both. The other one I again started with what I had written for the first prompt. What was interesting about this, though, was that the character in that particular story could well be the female version of the male main character from the story I submitted for the first contest I entered. Hopefully you’ll get to know what that story and character is! I just find these things in the writing process all funny and very entertaining. But I don’t think I’m going to write today. If I do, it would be much later, as I prefer to write during Sesame Street, and I was folding clothes then. 🙂

Take care, hope you have a good day!


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