Been trying to stay busy!

Action, especially exercise, is supposed to boost those feel good hormones, and we all know I need that now. I need that period. I won’t horrify you with a picture of me (not now, maybe when I finally get around to posting the posts I wrote in Wyoming 😛 ), but trust me I need it anyhow. I haven’t been doing any outside exercise—no walking since last week, etc etc—but I’ve been working here at home, moving things, and actually doing some cleaning. Works best if I start doing it right away 😐 As soon as I wake up, if I do SOMETHING before I sit down on the couch or at the computer, then I’ll be inspired to do more. That worked yesterday and today, so I think I’ll stick with that. This place cleans up pretty good when I put my mind to it. I did some work in the “sunroom” (goodness, I have no other way to describe it, I’m not calling it an entry way anymore, though that’s what it is too), and a bunch here in the computer room. I packed up yarn and fabric for D’s Girl Scout troop. Yes, LOTS of yarn—2 1/2 garbage bags full!!! I cleared out everything but what I will use for projects. Even all my white/off white/cream/neutral colors. I was going to use that for the joining for yo-yo afghans—I think I kept one thing of yarn, in a bag thing, but otherwise when I decide to finally do all those, I’ll get yarn for it. I prefer white, and I like the big pounders Red Heart has at WalMart every once in a while. I even managed to straighten out and lessen the amount of boxes at the bottom of the stairs. In the box that had the fabric, I put my 3 ring binders from college. In one of the boxes I cleared that had held my yarn went all my textbooks from college that I want to keep for the informational aspects—my Creative Writing textbooks (that aren’t already out, because there are 2 in the pile on my table in front of my bookcase in the living room) and my Native American Studies textbooks. I find myself wishing I either (a) had a bigger bookcase, maybe a built in (ah…part of the dream for a new place or our own home) or (b) was reading the books I do have to get rid of faster!

Those are the mundane aspects of my life. The not so, the ones people actually come for—no writing for a few days. But I’m no longer satisfied with anything I’ve come up with for Blend. Unfortunately, it looks like VV’s not satisfied with much right now 😦 Hope things get better for her!

I sat down here to post on what I have done, other than cleaning my little corner of life. I finished the cross stitch kit for my father in law and step mother in law. Isn’t it awesome? (see gallery at bottom)

Then, I started (and finished) another kit, this one I picked up at a yard sale some time ago. I used my rack to hold this. A bit difficult to manage, but I got it. I’ll use the bigger one for the next kit I work on (which I’m hoping will be the angel one I have had for a while, then the Native American one I’ve had for a while too), but I will set it up with it’s stand. Here’s the second kit I finished, nearly done. Check the gallery at the bottom for that.

Finally, I started 2 afghans. The only one I currently have a picture of is the one I’m making for my mom and dad. If you remember the afghan I made for mom’s roommate, which alternated 2 rows of black with a section of varigated, that’s what I’m doing for them. Also, the parents of the baby the last name afghan was for requested I also make one for the child’s older sister, so I sat down and made up that graph, and started on it. The picture of the one for mom and dad is also in the gallery at the bottom of the post.

I’ve got 2 things I want to see about turning into serious cash. For one, those name afghans. I wouldn’t hurt to put that out there. Also, I’ve got these “doodles” I’ve done with my cross stitch fabric and some embroidery thread off and on. I’d take the extra fabric—or just a piece of a new pack—and some thread, in different mixes, etc, and “doodle” with it. I tried once to see about turning it into an enterprise with doll collectors, because a lot of them look like they might make great rugs for doll houses (D’s godmother collects doll house stuff), and some would make great bookmarks. I’m thinking with the excess fabric from, say, recent cross stitch projects I could make more bookmarks. But it’s an idea—what do you think? I think I have to look up an etsy account 😀


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