Another busy day.

Yeah, it was. I did some writing, more cleaning (this doing something as soon as I get up is really working for me), more work on the new custom baby afghan for someone through T’s work. This time (even if I have mentioned it before) it’s for the big sister of the last baby afghan I made. It’s looking a bit on the illegible side, because the pink is REALLY light, but right now I’m restricted by what yarn Wal-Mart has. 😐 Some day I hope it’s within my power to once again use an online yarn distributor. Some day I hope for a lot of things…

I also had a MOPS meeting. I think it went well. This time the focus of the meeting and devotional is that we’re in this together. And part of the discussion is how you deal with confrontation. Oh, here we all know I’m not a big one when it comes to confrontation by or with others. In fact, unless it’s really big, there’s definitely not going to be any confronting anyone about anything unless it’s needed. Because I’m starting to work from a point of “how much is the confrontation needed and will the thing work itself out?” So many things do and will, and some people just won’t listen anyhow.

Finally, my Twitter following has had an interesting increase. In the last few days, I’ve gotten maybe 5 new followers, many from etsy…which I just joined today, it seems the new followers (many followers) seem to be crafters too. I’m just going to have to get right down to it and start posting stuff to etsy, open up my own store. Will you buy something from me? A bookmark maybe? Or a scarf?


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