100 Word Challenge – Moral

Well, it’s about dang time I posted this one.

This is the belated entry of Moral for the 100 Word Challenge over at Velvet Verbosity‘s blog. I would have had it in just in time, if I wasn’t feeling so under the weather at the time. Though I really didn’t know how under the weather—still, here it is. Enjoy 🙂 Blend will be up soon too. This is another installment of the Clifton Saga, so please stop over at the Clifton Saga tab, to catch you up on all the prior episodes. Blend will also be another. I’m just going to give up being surprised that each of them follows that line, as I seem to now begin by going “how can this fit in?”

As Sheila pulled into her driveway, Phillip’s car in front of the house startled her. Why didn’t he call before his 4-hour drive?

Phillip stood up from the kitchen table as she came inside, his face crimson.

“Why is dad being declared dead?”

“You’d never understand-“

“You’re dang right I don’t understand. What if he were to walk in the door right now? Or call?“

“He’s been gone 5 years. There’s been no sign of him.”

“So? Why are you giving up?” He sat and put his head in his hands. “This is the most immoral thing you’ve ever done!”

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