Decision Making time.

Because we are well into another quarter of the year. And one of my poster boards here in the computer room says one of my goals is to enter 1 writing contest a quarter. The other has business goals on it—needless to say, I have yet to meet one. Because I’ve done nothing when it comes to my business (other than sending in my tax forms for the last quarter) since before we left for Wyoming. If you do the math, that’s 2 months. Nothing on the candle biz for 2 months. It’s on hold indefinitely, so I can work on me. Oh yeah, and I knocked myself down to just associate. Oh well. My mentor/sponsor with the biz is doing the same thing, so it’s not all bad, right? I’m going to turn in my tax id number too, and just let them take care of all tax things. I’m sick of figuring it out….

Anyhow, that’s not what I want to talk about. The decision I’ve made is the next writing competition I’m gong to enter. In my inbox, I received an email from Writer’s Digest (because I sub to several of their mailing lists) that lists several writing competitions. And one is there Short Short Story Competition. So that’s what I’m entering. Now to decide on or/and write the entry!

And news on the first one I entered, the one at WOW! Women On Writing Quarterly, I’m pretty sure I’ve gone through the first round of judging successfully. Why? Because I got an email the other day saying so! 🙂 Good thing, huh?

I’ve got to get the 2 100 Word Challenges I have due done and posted. I hope to do that soon. I also hope to do several improvements around this place, so it doesn’t look so bad anymore. The biggest thing I can’t improve is the quality of the place. It’s just not what I thought it was when we first moved in :-\

Take care 🙂

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