Thursday morning…

I’ve got so much to do around here, I really should get my bum in gear. I plan to start work after lunch, such as it will be. I’ve got that list/schedule in mind most days, but it never really gets pulled off how I originally intended it. And I usually feel kinda bad about it. Though I wrote on it purposely that I need to understand there needs to be flexibility in it, since we’re rather spontaneous. This should actually be a good start, though, since I sat down to write.

I was in the living room, working on the cross stitch kit, when it hit me that now is totally the wrong time to write the most recent entry for the 100 Word Challenge. I sorta liked the way it came out, but it also seemed a bit forced. And I want this particular character to eventually be introduced—but you, as the reader, need more “back story” as it is—you need to see what I see in my head, for you to be able to get the impact I want you to get from this character’s entry into the story line. Some of it seemed kinda forced, more so than parts of the entry I have written for this time instead. Because I’m explaining too much of the back story in the original entry, where as I want you to already know that, like I do.

You know, this is the first time I’ve written out things about a story. I’ve got a notebook that I’m keeping notes on this Saga in. I’m making sure to keep track of who has what connections to who and what goes where with who and how…it’s not normal for me. I don’t even have that for the Why, AZ, story from college (long story short—I wrote a short story for my first Creative Writing class that has a Native American character in it, from Why, AZ [it’s an actual place], and that’s what started me on having Native American Studies as my minor. I haven’t touched that story in ages, though I should pull the 3-ring binder that contains the first 2 or 3 stories for it, which were written back in college. Look them over, poke at them, all that. I know the original files is part of a particular folder on our computer and is thus in my jump drive as well.). Maybe I should…

Finally, since it’s time for me to go off and write, please enjoy this bit of comic talent I found by way of the Toasted Cheese Forums…

Fiction Rule of Thumb
Fiction Rule of Thumb

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