Wednesday—and finally a post.

Wow, almost a week since I last posted. And what have I been doing lately? Hmm…going to bed earlier than usual, on the whole. Actually, it would better be termed passing out just as soon as I got P to bed. He falls asleep, then I fall asleep. Actually, I’m not the kind that can really often “pass out”, as in just all of a sudden fall asleep (I leave that talent up to the hubby—which is still done only when he doesn’t have something to pay attention to, though I do worry when he’s driving alone sometimes, not that that happens often. But it added to my worry a couple times when he went places with his big bro back in Wyoming and Colorado). I have to give myself permission first—as in, “now the kids are in bed, I can go to bed too.” So, anyhow, that’s been most of this week. Oh, and the BIG thing—P’s right now sleeping in his crib (I know, 3 and now he sleeps in his crib? He did a few times back when he was younger, but it’s been hard getting him back in it as of late, or the toddler bed that we got him, but now it’s been HIS decision, mostly. He wanted to on Sunday or Monday night, and has slept in it each night since!).

But otherwise, I have to say I’ve been in another funk. Not one of those crazy funks that I was in over last winter, no, this one’s just….

I’m just so fed up with so many things. I don’t know how I feel about most of it. In some ways I’m shutting down—I have thoughts and feelings about some stuff, but I don’t want to talk about it (to anyone other than T), so I won’t talk about it to anyone other than people who feel the same as I do. To help that make sense, I’ll put it to you this way—I refuse to talk to anyone about this election who I know doesn’t feel the same way I do about it. Or at least not to anyone whose head I’d like to bite off about their illogical and ill-conceived views about things, or anyone who I know is getting their facts wrong and from someone who is just spouting the wrong facts. I’ll tell you who I define myself because, while I abhor labels, it will give you an appropriately general idea. I’m a liberal conservative. I’m liberal in my views as they apply to other people—in that I believe in having laws which allow others to do as they need to within certain boundaries—but when the issue has to do with my own life, and most notably my own body, I’m a conservative. I believe there should be rules. I believe there should be regulations. I believe EVERYONE should be accountable—that’s why I said as people “need to” not “want to”. And I also believe that the little guy should be just as taken care of as the ones at the top. Because, like it or not, this world is built on the BACKS of the little guy.

But, before I REALLY go off on a rant, I’ll stop here. Trust me, there is SO much more I could say.


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