Friday Fun

Well, oddly, it is. And I haven’t done a single “fun” thing—in that, I haven’t sat on my bum all morning and just did a craft. No, actually, I’ve been doing lots of housework. Because if I start off the day by sitting on my duff, I really don’t get off it much during the rest of the day. But this house NEEDS to be cleaned. So I’ve been cleaning. I hope to continue this trend.

See, what it is, is that last night I was thinking—I’ve got to do something about this. About how this place looks, how I feel, how I look at it all. And I decided to do something that’s worked for me before…sit down and make a plan. I wrote out how I saw my day, from the time I wake up to when I go to bed. About what times I do what, how I reward myself, what I have to do around here. And so far I think it’s working. Even right now fits in—because I actually did have some computer work that’s not just “fun” but actually serious. I had to balance the checkbook (good thing it’s only been about a week or so), pay a bill, and then I looked at my email. I might do something seriously fun (this isn’t the “fun” thing I like to do most—I like playing with different things, like computer games [I have a membership with several different sites, the only paying one being Pogo right now, and I’ve been working hard on trying to get through Farm Frenzy 2. Like I did with #1] and T’s Webkinz, which he let me take over at least online. And writing, while a REAL thrill, isn’t a “fun” thing, it falls under a “work” thing, though I don’t look at it AS work, I look at it as a necessity. Because without one more creative outlet—I can’t live. THAT’S how writing, if you’re really serious about it, should be. If you’re going to call yourself a writer, the NEED to write has to be there. You have think about it morning noon and night. And since I’ve actually started working on my writing again, and had feedback–which has been nearly all positive—and really WORKED at it, that’s about how I’ve felt. Which is good. Because it feels good. Ya know? :-D), but I might get up in 2 minutes and go work on the dishes. Put the tv back on—I had started the morning NOT wanted to have the tv on, so it doesn’t rot my brain or P’s, but P put it on and I just kept going. Listened to what was on, but kept going. And he helped out—I had several things to fold, and he got right in on the act. Always adorable to see them trying to fold, and he did pretty good this time. Then he put some towels away. Come to think of it, many are still sitting on the back of the couch, so I’ll have to get up and do that too. Also, I straightened my space next to the couch. I’d like to clear that off a lot. And now that I think about it, move it over and move P’s toys too. Maybe. I’ve got to ponder my living room. Because his “bureau” for his toys is covering the cable, which can and sometimes does come loose easily. That’s why I’d move that table I use over. That’s my space—the table. Which is actually a microwave cart that I’ve always used for my stereo before, until my stereo broke and I got one that you put on the wall. Anyhow….So, might move the things around. And then I straightened a lot of other things—the mantel, my dresser, our clothes (sorted out ours and T’s), the kitchen table, did some dishes, straightened out the counter and wiped it down a bunch, put a load of clothes in, and I’ve got to run to the store quick. Pick up more soap and some apples to make apple crisp.

Does my chatter seem mundane to you? I know, it’s not commentary on the world outside my door—on the economic “crisis” (though I have views on that—like a rich uncle bailing me and my family out would be great), and political, social and economic issues, and weaker ones on this presidential race (though I’m solid on who I’m supporting—Obama), and on and on. I’ve got to sit down and think about how I feel about how all these things effect my own life—some of them I already know the answer, some of the views I hold or could potentially hold, I know why because of course of how it effects me, but some I’m a bit more ambiguous on, and don’t rightly know exactly what I think of them. But all these things are important to me. How my world looks effects how I feel, and dealing with it effects how effective I can be when I step outside my door. And my dealing with all this let’s T relax so he can in turn take care of his own things to take care of us.

Tell me, though, why is it a news alert and breaking news that McCain is going to participate in the debates. It was silly of him to say “I’m going to suspend my campaign for the economic crisis” because how he handles multiple balls in the air effects how worthy of a candidate for president I would find him. If you can multi-task, that’s a good thing. Probably my only argument in support of Palin for Vice, as really she’s a more likely candidate for 1 heart beat away from the presidency than anyone else ever really has been. You know, before he was McCain’s age, my grandpa had had 4 heart attacks, and I think by then he already had his first pace maker lead put in. My grandpa is still alive, by the grace of God and medical intervention, but that doesn’t mean he can’t die tomorrow. My grandpa or McCain. You never know what they might catch, or what might happen to their hearts. 😐

Well, I have lunch and some other things to attend to, so I’ll see you later. Hopefully with a 100 Words entry, as I do have one ready for Moral, just gotta do some more editing. And, yes, it’s more of the Clifton Saga 😀

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