This weekend.

This weekend is going to be different from recent weekends. Because I can’t get up and off my butt to do much.

You know what, sucks? You can tell my health or wellness by the state of the house. And, yes, I feel blech today, and have for most of the week. 😦

Today was a flurry of activity on Facebook. Mostly getting friend requests, and making some of my own. The surprise was the one person I actually never liked much in high school (that’s where all the requests were coming from/going to, high school classmates), but who I’ve actually wondered about a few times over the years. Interesting to know what’s going on with him.

Small edit (half the reason I sat down to this before but somehow never got to. :-|): As I look over the minute description of my former classmates’ lives, the content of some of their occupation history leaves me feeling a little….well, small. Maybe I once aspired to more than I am. Maybe part of me still wants to get there. But somehow it makes me feel small and insignificant, that my balance sheet employment-wise is sorely lacking. It’s part of what makes me sad even considering the prospect of looking for a job (though I don’t plan to now, no matter how many phone calls from creditors come through. T and I have discussed it, and I think my job history is going to have a large void for some time still.). I’d like to think the reaction by some of my classmates might be like the reaction one had when I talked about my paper route in one of my speeches in our Public Speaking class (I’d like to think that one person would still have that outlook, on my being a wife and mother, despite the fact they have no children and, it seems, have the longest employment record). But who knows?

Now to figure out exactly what’s going on with P. He seems a bit sluggish. But then my world and life is partly consumed with worry over him anyhow, so I guess it’s a normal state for me….. :-S (I’m still hoping he was just tired. But worry over him still consumes me…)

Good night, church in the morning 🙂

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