100 Word Challenge – Yearning

Here’s my latest entry into Velvet Verbosity‘s 100 Word Challenge, this time for Yearning. (Am I the only one who puts an “r” at the end of Challenge nearly every time it’s typed?)

There’s no mention of the exact word, but I hope you all understand what exactly is being yearned for in this particular episode of the Clifton Saga. I’m done poking at this one, I hope the wording is clear with this. 🙂 That’s what I find the most entertaining—picking the right words, and fine tuning everything so I get just as much packed into these 100 words as possible. I enjoyed Flash Fiction a lot in college, but my love of it has only REALLY developed with this exercise. All writers should work on this some—next to poetry, it’s perhaps the best way to get your work precise AND concise. I guess Prof Nez was right 😀

Mr. Mathews sat, his steepled fingers touching his lips. The boy across the desk answered another question. He remembered those eyes, and letters sent back “Return to Sender.” But never a “Dear Lee” letter.

The boy looked at him eagerly, done.

Mr. Mathews stood up and shook the boy’s hand.

“Thank you, Phillip, that’s enough. We’ll call if you have the internship.”

“Thank you, sir.”

Lee watched from his window as Phillip walked to his car.

Lee thought, “Those eyes are hers, but those lips are mine.

Will she recognize me when I call to inform them he’s been accepted?”

To read more entries, please jump over to Velvet Verbosity‘s blog 🙂


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