100 Word Challenge – Twist

So, I slept on it and looked at it again, and – yeah – I’m still happy with it. So, here is my entry for this go round of Velvet Verbosity‘s 100 Word Challenge 🙂 It’s a continuation of the story started in Treasures. If you would like to see all of them, please check the associated page, the Clifton Saga.

Not for the first time, life left her to twist on her rope. Now she had her two sweet boys, whose feelings she’d have to take care of before her own.

She got up from her tear-soaked pillow to face today’s task.

The last two mornings, Robby asked about his Daddy. Phillip, more aloof, froze when his brother asked. Late last night she realized ignoring the truth wouldn’t make it go away, it’s time to tell them.

“Boys, daddy left three nights ago.”

She winced as Robby’s spoon fell back into his bowl and the door slammed behind Phillip.


Just another comment from me – besides to tell you to go check out the rest of the entries at Velvet Verbosity‘s site – is that I’m absolutely LOVING how this family’s story is coming together. And how it’s amazing that nearly every word so far since I started has worked so well in picking up yet another piece of their story. Velvet and I certainly do NOT get together for this—I wouldn’t imagine intruding on her time, as she’s a very busy lady—but it’s like it’s kismet!

Praise God! 😀



  1. Cool that the words keep working out for you! I wonder if it’s something like when you read your horoscope and think, “OMG, that’s me!” but when they do studies, people have that same reaction even when they mix up the horoscopes. Maybe, one you read the word, it just works because you think it will.

    Anyway, ugh! That moment when you have to let your children know that you failed, that you didn’t manage to keep the world totally safe for them like you silently promised as you kissed their newborn heads. Ugh.

  2. I’m beginning to get caught up in the story you are creating. I need to print each episode out and have them together, to savor each part. See you have the advantage. 🙂 I’m looking forward to Yearning.

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