Wednesday, evening, late summer—feels like fall.

That’s a good description of today—it’s late summer but it’s sure starting to feel like fall. Looks like tomorrow’s going to look and feel much like it did 7 years ago. I wonder if it’s the same for 7 years ago today?

Anyhow, I haven’t done much of what I wanted to today. I had this nice list of all the things I wanted to clean, but alas nothing’s done. Well, nothing but the dishes, because I’ve got to get those done if we want to have any decent food. I’ve still been working hard on the cross-stitch kit I got for my father in law and his wife as a thank you gift for letting us stay there while we were out in Wyoming. Tomorrow I’ve got to sit down and writing out a shopping list for groceries, how I’m going to pay my bills for the next 3 months (since I’ve been so behind this summer), and start working on the rest of this place. I’ll get it done. I’ve also got to try the place I want to try to get into again, because they still have it posted that they have places for lease.

I’m looking forward to the next word for Velvet’s 100 Word Challenge. I’m eager to find out what else is up with the family that’s been showing up in this line of words. I can’t figure out any words on my own, it just doesn’t seem authentic. Unfortunately, while I wanted to write in the mornings like I had so well before we left, I haven’t done it yet. Just can’t get myself up. 😦 I will get my butt in gear too.

Well, take care. I will see you later with the next installment 😀 *wave*


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