Sunday evening.

I can’t say I totally remember today’s passage and sermon at church. Oh well, I guess you can add that to the list of things seriously effected by me staying up really late lately. That, and my sleep and my house keeping (although that’s still better than it has been), and my dishes, and my laundry. P’s been up too late too. D, better than she could be but worse than she should. She got cut from the volleyball team—they made their decisions a whole lot later than mine did, but then I tried out in my freshman and sophomore years, not in 7th grade for “modified”. Only 1 7th grader got a spot.

Well, tomorrow I hope for better work around here. The floor needs swept and vacuumed. Clothes need washed and some even still need folded from last time. Dishes need done (BAD). Blogging needs done. WRITING needs done. Still not holding my breath on that contest, but we have yet to see. It’s only been a week, and I’d figure on them getting at least 1000 entries. More, simply because they’re not losers like me. 😐

I think about 20 minutes of working on the cross stitch kit, then I’ll go to bed 🙂



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