100 Words Challenge – Fusion

I’ll discuss the mundane points of my life in a slightly later post (and hopefully post what I wrote in Wyoming sometime soon too), but I wanted to submit this to Velvet Verbosity‘s 100 Word Challenge while I had it written up.

Several interesting things happened with this piece of the story started with Treasures and Pillar, and continued in Fresh, Faster and Evolution. For one, the mother and son chronicled in those pieces now have names (as do, by extension, several other minor characters). Second, I have more of the backstory getting filled in, and hopefully I’ll be able to reveal that as time goes by. Also, I have a time frame for both this piece, and the pieces before.

I’m really enjoying these pieces, and the story of this family that is popping up. I hope to continue with them, but I’m also very trepidatious about it. I’d like to keep true to their story. I don’t want any elements to become misaligned as time goes by—I don’t want to introduce something and then forget about it or misidentify it later on. But I guess that’s what writing is all about—working hard to keep to that story line, and working hard not to lose such things, huh?

What I found most interesting about this particular one is it’s the first piece in a really long time that I’ve actually ACTIVELY used an element from my own life as inspiration for something in the character’s lives. Last time, with Evolution, it wasn’t until everyone commented on how well I had captured the thoughts while sitting at the bedside of a dying parent that I identified how it could have come from my own experiences late in 2004 and early 2005 at my mom’s bedside (though, really, I think there are a lot of the questions faced by that character that I am lucky [?] enough to already know the answers to with my mom 🙂 ). This time, as I was thinking about this piece, I drew something of my own love life from it—happily, we were a lot better able to see things for what they were even at our young age, so things shouldn’t turn out as devastating as they will for this character. 🙂

Anyhow, here’s the next installment. I hope you enjoy!

They laid breathless in the glow of the fusion of their souls. Hesitant, unsure even in the realization that this wasn’t a random diversion from their paths, but the way it was always going to be.

“You leave tomorrow, right?” Sheila asked him after they had caught their breath.

“Yeah. Your classes start next week?”

“Next Wednesday. We leave this weekend.” Sheila sat up and swung her feet to the floor.

“I’ll write,” Lee said, his back to her as he sat up.

“Me too.”

Sheila sighed. As he dressed and left, she held the rest of the words inside.



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