Saturday Morning

We’ll see if the meeting ever really comes into being. I never made a poll or anything, I just sent out an email yesterday, and I’ve not seen anything from anyone since. Oh well, there’s a cheesecake sitting here for anyone who wants it. I guess if no one shows up, I’ll try to talk T into giving it to other people, like my family and people at mom’s nursing home (there’s one nurse who would really like some!).

I only slept about 7 hours, and as always none of those were strung together. There were only minutes in between, but still, it wasn’t a solid nap this time. Is it ever when you’re a mom? Not for a few more years, I’m afraid.

But I can say one thing. Evolution fits into the story line with the characters that showed up back in Treasures and Pillar. So I hope to get those up soon!

Well, I have a few more things to do before people get here. I’ll see you all later 😀


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