100 Words Challenge – Fresh

It’s been a while, but this one was written nearly 2 weeks ago. I’ve got to finally get back into blogging, and I’ve got to post these. So here is my entry into Velvet Verbosity‘s 100 Word Challenge. Hope you like. The characters from Treasures and Pillar return! 🙂

She woke up with a start. She was confused about where she was. It had been years since she’d slept in a bed, had a home-cooked meal, and family by her side.

She heard kid’s voices and the patter of small feet. She remembered where she was just before three kids burst through the door and into her arms.

“Grandma!” The sound was sweet.

She held them close, breathing in their fresh scent, their smiles as big as their father’s.

“Now, kids, we mustn’t wake Grandma.” Her daughter-in-law frowned from the doorway.

She didn’t let go. “It’s okay, I’m up.”

And I can definitely promise that they return for both Faster and Evolution! 😀


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