First time on Tuesday Toot

This is the first time I’ll be putting this out there, but this is my first Tuesday Toot—tooting my own horn for accomplishments I have made recently, big or small!!! 😀

Please, go and join in if you’d like! 🙂

My accomplishments (so far this week/summer):

Getting through our vacation—without crying or blowing up at anyone (though I came close to blowing up at my mother in law a few times! I let T take care of it. He does well).
Entering a story in my very first (and hopefully NOT LAST) writing contest! 😀
Working at keeping this house clean. Okay, we’re only 3 days into being back home, but I got up and DID something about the way this house looks, since I’m going to have people over this weekend and I haven’t done a thing since we came home! :-S 😀
Made the phone call about the bikes—I need to get those we don’t use/want out of here!!!



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