Super Sunday.

Because it was a pretty good day. I admit, I’m still suffering from not being able to stand this apartment and this trailer park, but such is, you know?

I got up and started to get ready for church. Well, I didn’t IMMEDIATELY get ready for church—while everyone else was still asleep, I played online for a while. With my Webkinz. His name is Froggie. You’ll learn about him when I finally get all the posts I wrote while we were gone typed up and posted here online. Then I bugged T and D to see if they wanted to go to church. I didn’t do this until after the 10am service had started—so she didn’t want to, and I let him sleep. He was almost ready to get up, just didn’t. About this time, P got up, and I got us both ready.

Yeah, I guess all that’s not even interesting enough for me to talk about.

What’s on my mind NOW?

I’m contemplating the title of the story I plan to submit to the Quarterly WOW Contest. I’ve got an idea, but I’ll run it by T when he gets home.

That’s right, he’s already off to work. We’ve been home all of 24 hours (plus), and he’s already got to go to work. Well, he doesn’t HAVE to, but he had one of his co-workers put him on the sign up sheet for this weekend, and of course he got it. So in he went. 😐

Hopefully I’ll be able to start typing out and posting those posts I wrote while I was in Wyoming, tomorrow. I’m DEFINITELY looking forward to getting the box of stuff we sent to ourselves. It will get here on Thursday. It’s got all sorts of great stuff!!! Yarn, more yarn, a Magic Bullet, jeans for D, notebooks, folders for D, and other things too! Oh, these nice crosses that I found at Hobby Lobby. Can’t wait to find some place for them and put them up!

And tomorrow commences the beginning of working to keep this place presentable. I’m going to have a get together for my crochet group here 😀 on Saturday. I’ll go now and make my list for tomorrow. 🙂


One comment

  1. I don’t pray for much, usually. I figure He’s got enough to deal with and I’ve always been told the He helps those who help themselves. So I don’t bother Him. But lately, I’ve had a prayer for Him to listen to. I don’t know if it’s going to help any, but I’ve been praying that somehow, someway, you find a place of your own in which you can be happy. Because there isn’t a whole lot more that I can ask except that you be happy.

    Just thought you should know.

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