Last post before we leave.

I’m up way to early in the morning after going to bed way too late at night. I’ve got very little left to do, but I’m still restless. I was woke up 3 times last night—one I’m not sure, it might have been when my daughter called, and if I answered it I definitely don’t remember doing so, then we had a terrific thunderstorm, and both P and I woke up momentarily for that, then when I was woke up half an hour ago by my husband looking for something or other in our bedroom.

All I’ve really got left is giving P a bath, giving myself a shower and vacuuming the floor again. That, and the garbage needs to go out (it smells bad in here 😦 ), and all the bikes need to come in. Oh, and T needs to pack, and we need to put all the bags in the car and clean out the car. That’s it. Not much, really. Since there’s about 5 hours until we leave here, another 2 until we leave my dad’s, and just under 12 hours until the first flight takes off. I want to try to get another hour’s sleep, but I really doubt it will happen 😦 I’m waking up more and more as time goes by here. And I felt really rested, though still tired, when I woke up during the thunderstorm. Weird. 😐

Well, I’m going now. I don’t know when I’ll see everyone again—I know it will DEFINITELY be after we get back, but I don’t know if it will be while we’re gone! I have no idea how much computer time I will get! 😐


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