Be back August 23rd

I’ll be back on August 23rd. I’m going to so miss everyone, but I will post just as much as I can when I get back, and as often as I can while we’re out there—though don’t count on it! 🙂 Let’s hope we’re having fun! 😀 I know it will be nice to have such a WONDERFUL change of scenery for 3 weeks 🙂 Maybe I can accomplish the same when we come back!

Until then, I’ll miss doing my writing with prompts from Toasted Cheese, and doing the 100 Word Challenge with Velvet Verbosity, and talking to Lou, and reading Sandy and Lotus, and my email, and watching the weather, and reading Proverbs 31, and….wow, the list goes on and on! 🙂 (When you stop by theirs, tell them I sent ya!)

Drop me a line, I’ll be sure to let EVERYONE know what went down out there in the flatlands 😀

I’m so excited!


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