Yeah, I’ve got nothin’. You’re lucky I’m here now. I’ve missed 2 days. 😐

I don’t like it, but I still find myself obsessing about that stupid fight with my stupid neighbor the other day. Some times it gets better—the “I should have said this” and the “if we get in another fight I’ll say this” are gone. Sometimes, it’s all I’m thinking about, and I’m getting angry again. 😦 But you know, I was watching tv last night, notably Countdown there on MSNBC, and a few others—it’s interesting. A common theme went through them. And that’s people being falsely accused of saying or doing one thing, or someone taking what they did say and totally twisting it around. If Bill O’Reilly and Fox can mix around what Scott McClellan said about them in his book, then I guess no one is immune. And it’s all in how you handle it to yourself. I’m working hard to understand that all that she said is basically just garbage coming out of a diseased mind, and all that must have gone in there (from her daughter, mostly) was just stuff coming out of a diseased mind too. And it really sucks—things were so nice with this family at the beginning. Heck, even a year ago they were good, because the husband was the old resident manager. But, he got ousted, things happened for them, and they just seem to be taking it out on everyone else, not just on their kids but on other people too. I just don’t think they realize it, and they’re the kind that if someone pointed it out to them, they would deny deny deny.



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