Friday – Returning to the Roller Coaster

Those of you who are relatively new—specifically, since I started doing memes—won’t know that I used to call my blog “AngelGal’s Roller Coaster”. Because at the time I was really feeling like life had way too many ups and downs.

Well, today was one of those days that proves the rule. It was definitely filled with roller coaster events. The good thing is that the lows were not too deep—nothing (hopefully) life changing!

It started out well. P and I got up at about our usual time, went about our usual stuff, getting up and watching some tv. T was home, and on the computer. Since today is payday, he got his check last night, and plans were made to go cash and deposit it, plus I had a couple more things to pick up at the store. So, off we went and did our thang.

When we got home, the resident manager was putting RoundUp on the weeds around the place, and mentioned to us to watch out the kids didn’t play in it. No problem. Then he also mentioned that the landlord was coming out from Rochester, and that he might want to come in and look at our ceiling (if you don’t know about that, quick recap—leaks upstairs, leaked down here, ruined the tiles, etc, there were tiles placed by the old rm, before things went really crazy with it, until the pipe problem upstairs was totally fixed, and so our ceiling has had a gaping hole since the beginning of the year, when we got the new rm, who didn’t quite believe that the hole was going to be that bad/big until I asked him if he wanted to come see it day before yesterday.). Oh boy! Now I know why it was that I had that urge to just go cleaning crazy around here. Good thing, huh? All I really had left to do was pick up new hair balls in the bathroom, make sure P didn’t eat our couscous on the rug (my vacuum cleaner decided to up and quit too, did I mention that?), straighten this and that, wipe down a few walls and the front of the appliances in the kitchen that I wanted to (the fridge and the useless dishwasher), and close the bedroom doors (which included getting D’s put back on—she had slammed it too much over a course of a week, and so it got taken down). That meant I was running around, wiping down walls, doing this little thing and that little thing, and making this house looks as better than it has as I could.

And the landlord didn’t even come in. I think he knows that if something is really wrong around here, that’s about the only time I’ll sound the alarm. Because, if it’s something we can solve ourselves, I’ll make sure we do. Otherwise, he’ll know. I didn’t even tell him about spraining my ankle, though it would be nice to be able to pay off at least THAT bill at the er….but oh the well.

D’s friend, the one whose mother has brain cancer, came over today. So she was here while I was doing this that and the other thing. Yesterday, stuff between D and those girls in the trailer behind us had sorta blown up again. And they were mad at her. D’s friend went to find out, and the familiar “D’s trying to steal K (another friend, who lives a street down and over)” was the reason given. Oh, and who should show up when D, P, D’s friend and the terror of the trailer court and I are all out on the front porch. And that whole thing comes up again. Gees Louise! 😦 That mother is something else!!! 😦 I mean, there have been more times than I can count since we moved in here—the first people D goes out to see if they can play is those girls. And the first person K comes over to see if they can play is those girls. And so what is she supposed to do–either D or K—when the girls are grounded, or they’re still in bed, or the parents are still in bed so they yell at D or K to come back at 1 when they’re up? I mean REALLY! Or when the family isn’t even HOME??? And if K’s the only one there, and we want to go kite flying, what’s wrong with inviting her? I mean, geesh! Someone explain to the youngest of these 2 girls what being a friend means! Someone explain what being a friend means to EVERY SINGLE FEMALE IN THAT HOUSE!!!

But you know what I did? What I’m continuing to do, even though I am ranting a bit here on my blog, more or less just rehashing my thoughts? While we were driving back from returning D’s friend home, I stopped and asked D to come up front. And I prayed. The first time I’ve ever led a prayer. The first time I so specifically laid something like that in God’s hands. Specifically. And I feel peace. I’m still anxious about dealing with the family, which I will avoid doing at all costs, but…there’s nothing I can do. I can’t talk to these people, I can’t show them the error of their ways. There’s only ONE who can. So I’m going to GIVE IT TO HIM.

And it feels so good! 😀

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