Cleaning bug—are you here to stay?

You know, I totally can not believe it, but I seriously feel bit by the cleaning bug, and


Did I just say that? I thought I was a sworn slob!

But it feels so GOOD to…

Look around and see the floor clean and things starting transition if they’re not already where I want them to be

Walk into a room and see something I’ve cleaned (ex: the living room window. It might just be the inside of the biggest pane, but it still feels good!)

Walk into a room to do something and discover—I’ve already done it! (I went into the washroom to do some laundry, and BOTH THE WASHER AND DRYER WERE EMPTY. Because I already folded and put away the load I was thinking was in there. How could I forget???)

I hope we can keep it over the next week. I look forward to coming home to a clean house when we come back from Colorado. I’m hoping it won’t fall apart over the weekend, as it so often feels like it does.

I like this feeling.

Now, I’ve got to go and get some sleep!

Take care!

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