Thursday afternoon

Today was a slow day. All I did was wash 2 loads of laundry—the first of which is folded and put away, the second of which is now in the dryer and will be folded first thing tomorrow—brought over paper to be recycled (the school has dumpsters for a recycling company that does fundraisers), brought 4 books to the post office to send out to people through PaperBackSwap, made sure the floor was clean before P went to bed, put P to bed a bit later than I wanted (but you realize, it’s 2 hours earlier than this in Colorado. Oh dear, if it’s hard now what am I going to do then?), finish the dishes, make sure a halfway decent dinner was eaten by part of the family, and start sewing up the the sweater whose second panel I finished yesterday or the day before. I’m going to enter Pepsi bottle tops into the Pepsi Points site for T, make sure my living room has returned to normal, grab mine and T’s clothes and get the gate out of the front door, and GO TO BED!

Hope all’s well with all of you. I’ve not done much writing over the last couple days, but I did start a little something based on yesterday’s prompt on Toasted Cheese’s calendar yesterday, and my minimal experience in the Army, and start the pondering on an article or I don’t know what about Maternal Instinct. It’s something that’s been bothering me for a while. I’ve decided it’s time to look into it!!! 🙂

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