Tuesday evening.

I could feel better. I am bummed that I have again started feeling low, after that week and a half or whatever of feeling pretty dang good. I should feel GOOD right now. That I’m keeping this place somewhat in order. That I’m making progress on all the things I want to get done around here. That I’ve got the kitchen put together for the first time in months. I’m tired. I think the problem might in part be that I stayed up until after 3am, finishing Wendy Corsi Staub’s That’s Amore. And then, since she’s a hometown girl and friends with my sister and I’m writing again (I need someone who knows how to critique stuff to help me by…uh…critiquing my stuff. Not that I don’t appreciate those who have given me some input, but….well, sometimes it’s nice to go back to college stuff :-)). Now I’m still tired. I should go fall into bed. P fell asleep in the car when we were driving back from picking up the pizzas from Pizza Hut, that I ordered. He was up until 11:30, I think, cause sometimes it’s nice to be up that late, it’s special, and so he was TIRED. I think I’ll go to bed too. 🙂

Take care, hopefully I wake up in a better mood, and do some more cleaning…vacuuming the floor, etc. Take care!


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