Suddenly Sunday

You know, you go about your day and then suddenly, it’s Sunday. What happened to the week? Geesh!

But, that’s okay. Today’s over, which means now I’m officially a member of a church I picked. 🙂 Not that I have a problem with being a member of the church I grew up in, but this is my own personal statement of what I perceive my relationship with God and Jesus as being. That’s what mom did when she chose the other place, that’s what I’m doing now. And I’m eager to do some things there too. I’ve got ideas. All of which encompass my own natural talents. Namely crocheting, etc. Hmm…I wonder…Anyhow…I hope to be able to do the things after we come back from Colorado. It’s too late to do any of them now.

I’ve got some kids to deal with.


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