Sanitary Saturday

Or, at least, I’m trying for that, LOL! I’m cleaning things around here. Whole rooms! Okay, the one whole room I’ve cleaned today is a SMALL one—our bathroom, to be exact. I got down on my hands and knees and scrubbed at it, cleaned behind the toilet (YUCK!), cleaned out the grimy dusty things on the sink counter (YUCK TOO!!!), washed out things that had been on the floor (like the pot that I’ve been using to store the plunger. Needless to say, my TUB doesn’t look all that great at the moment, but that will be rinsed out soon, so it doesn’t look so bad. It looks disgusting, frankly. I’m not sure how I’m going to clean it to look better, maybe just douse it some more with Lysol, which is what I used along with a sponge and an old bath scrubber—you know, the kind that’s made with netting and you use on yourself. I forget what that’s called. Anyhow, so I was down on my hands and knees, calling often for Padraic (he and I are the only ones up right now), sweating my butt off!!! It’s not so bad, the heat, when you’re moving with a purpose. I think it’s actually worse when you’re just sitting there! Clothes are being washed too, right now I’m redoing some towels I put in there last night, and I’ve got baskets lined up with more clothes to do. I’ve got in my mind what I want to get done before we leave for Colorado, it’s just all in the doing! I doubt I’ll be able to do the washroom on my hands and knees like I did the bathroom, but if I at least mop the floor not covered by major appliances (we’ve got the washer and dryer, of course, plus a standing freezer. I’d also like to defrost that, it needs it! Maybe I’ll do that today, after I get done here, so I can stand in front of the cold!!! Nice idea, actually!!!).

I’ve been watching the progression of the weather system that I hope and pray will bring relief to this region! I’m SOOO hot and sweaty, and I’m sure everyone else is, I’m hoping it will rain soon!!!

Check it out, it’s interesting!

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