100 Words – Treasures

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Wow, this was a fun one! The image and story for this one popped into my head almost immediately!!! I LOVE it when that happens! I let her be for a few days, and then today I took some time and pondered it, poking and prodding it until it came to this point. I think, for this purpose at least, it’s pretty much there. I’m LOVING the technique and flow of writing lately, I’m so very HAPPY I came back to it. I really wish I could have kept some of the permutations this particular piece went through while I was working on it—I even saved the final product so that I’d have it completely different from the original draft. I don’t often do that, but I really should more often!

So, without further ado:

Sitting quietly, she surveys everything she owns. The top of the box on her lap nearly falls off in her hand. She gingerly removes and sorts the box’s contents—these pictures here, those letters there. Of days gone past, only sepia pictures and yellowed papers are left. Some slip by unnoticed, mingling with the leaves when blown by the wind. In turn, a smile and a frown move across her streaked face. Finally, she holds two pictures and two envelopes from the bottom to her heart—her real treasures. Her body silently shakes as she curls under a tattered quilt.

Like I said, I’m just LOVING this process. To have the story kicking around in my head, to know what this story says—and then to work to make YOU understand it….it’s just amazing. Fun. Exhilarating. My mom mentioned how she loved my piece for Hour—how it was so vivid and she could see in her mind the kids running around going about their sand playing (though I think part of that might actually be the fact that she knows the kids. And the beach we were at)—I told her THAT’S what I’m going for, for someone to SEE what’s in my head, when they’re not able to be there right next to me.

Can you see this lady? She seemed pretty awesome when I first wrote this, but then upon pondering it this evening, I realized she had very little life—the only time you REALLY got her inner emotional life was at the very end, when she curls up under the quilt. Even now, though, I find myself still poking at and playing with the story. So I keep adding to and removing things from it. It’s a sickness! One I just LOVE!!!!!!



  1. Wow! Very poignant – you definitely feel like you’re right there with her – sweet and painful all at the same time. Nicely done!
    By the way, I’ve been looking at some of your other blogs – both my wife and I are crocheters. I do thread crochet and she mostly designs her own (amazing) stuff. Fun! You should post more about it.

  2. Definitely can picture her in my mind with the words you’ve written, run with this I want more!!!!
    Could be the match to mine too. Thanks for popping in for my Treasures piece.

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