Wednesday is….the middle of the week, duh!

So, I’ve got a bit of a list in my mind today. Let’s see, I’ve got to:

Get another skein of blue – done
Pick up the floor – done
Vac – not yet
Do dishes – not yet, but the sink is full of water
Wash clothes – actually, did some yesterday, but I found D had left that wet in the dryer, so I ran that, and soon will put the swimming stuff in, then put T’s clothes in the washer, which I have yet to sort out.
Collect garbage – half done

I’m making a list and formulating ideas in my head of everything I’m going to gather and put upstairs before we leave. Don’t know who might want to come in the house while we’re gone, and I want it to look halfway decent while we’re gone. Also, I’m going to be bringing some projects (those dishcloths) and some books with me when we go, from my own collection of books in the living room, so I’ve got to go through all those so I know what I’ve got and I can bring a little of each of what I’ve got–business reading, spiritual reading, and *fun* reading. I’m not going to bring library books this time. 🙂

Good news. Well, today T was searching for our copy of the Windows XP disk, so he could send it to his brother so he could set up his computer, and he found my Songs 4 Worship Country CD, and now it’s on my mp3 player (which I’m listening to in one ear. That way I can hear what P’s up to in the living room). I’m wondering it it’s possible to connect this to my radio in the living room. It’s got an auxiliary setting to it. 🙂 That would be cool 🙂 Sure enough, works like a charm. There’s a “line in” hookup on the side, which is perfect for the headphones part of the mp3 player, and there you go. Bet you can do the same with T’s friend E’s mp3 player, which is the whole reason I went looking for one to begin with! 😐 LOL! There are some 151 songs on my mp3 player. I know that, because the window on my radio says 151. That’s a lot.

So, is there anything else? Not that I can think of. Good news—Velvet Verbosity should have last week’s 100 Word Challenge entries up today, at least she said she would. I’ve written some today too. I’m planning on also bringing some old sheets of prompts and my notebook with when we go out, so I’ve got prompts to work from, and paper to write on. Since I know I’m not going to be at a computer much. I’ll also bring my jumpdrive, for when I’m near a computer and maybe I can print things out! Or look at them!

That’s it. I’ve got an afghan to go finish! 🙂 And pompoms to make!


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