More on Wednesday

Wow, it is HOT in here!!! And it’s not all because we had penne with spaghetti sauce for dinner, either. It’s because it’s HOT out there!!! 😦 I’m roasting!!! Have been all day!!! I’ve been slowly working through the last piece of the layette—I’m on the last row of the blanket. Then there will be the fun of weaving in all those ends. And washing it. I hope to have that all done by Friday night.

Such a sad thing. D went to a local country club with her friend, the one that came over for Youth Group with her, to go swimming. The girl was hardly in the water but 2 short times. I find her whole life kinda sad. That poor girl—between not knowing how sick her mom really is from this day to that, or if her mom will pass considering she’s got cancer, and the divorce her parents had besides, her life has to be so sad. And it doesn’t seem that she’s gotten any help—she’s really acting out, and instead of getting the help, she gets punished. 😦 It might not be right what she does to act out, but it’s not too late to get her serious help. I just don’t think she’s ever gotten any. Of all the friends D has, she’s the one I want to pray for the most!

2 weeks and 3 days until we leave! 😀


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