Quick Check in

I’m writing from the library—not because (thank goodness) there’s anything wrong with the house, but because our printer still doesn’t work (T’s “working” on that ), so I’m going to print some of the stuff I’ve got sprinkled around on the web, so my mom can see it. 😀 I know she’ll enjoy it!

I hope I didn’t startle anyone with my post last night—it’s just that sometimes the stress of dealing with this place drives me a bit batty, and one thing I’m scared of is this apartment burning down. It would effect 2 families, and not be good for any of us! I want out SOOOOOO bad, I so can’t even tell you. And I have no idea when/if it will ever happen! I hope so, I just don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel right now…I don’t see any light, the tunnel when it comes to this stinkin’ apartment is just so far underground. Or maybe I have my eyes closed? Either way—I want out, bad, but we don’t see any way out just yet 😦 One day though, I just know it!

Take care, I’ll be back home after we go to the store. I need some new shoes!

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