As if….

Things can’t get bad enough—I went in to make myself tea, because I wanted to relax, and when I poured the tea I spilled a bit near a burner knob, and now it’s clicking at me!!! 😦 I tell you, I CAN’T FRIGGIN’ STAND THIS PLACE. There’s a long list—having someone upstairs, the ceiling in here, the ceiling in the bathroom, having only 2 usable bedrooms, having no room for stuff, and not having places for stuff where it should go (like a garage or logical basement), and I can’t stand the kitchen. The dishwasher isn’t even hooked up. What’s the point of having one if it isn’t even going to be hooked up??? There’s bugs, flies, we’re right on a major highway, we’ve got to worry about cars from other people in the trailer park, our gas bill went up ANOTHER $100 this month (to over $300 😦 ).

And the tea doesn’t even matter anymore because now I’m nauseous and I CAN’T FIND MY FRIGGIN’ HONEY. I don’t take sugar in my tea, or milk, I take honey. 😐

Pray for us, please?


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