Friday’s Feast #25


When was the last time you had your hair cut/trimmed?

About 2 weeks ago. I’ve meant to mention it here on my blog a few times, but never did. I keep wondering if the one pastor at church thinks I did it because she did, because I cut my hair not long after she did. But, no, that had nothing to do with it. It was getting wild, and it was getting hard to get the tangles out of the back every day. So I cut it to my chin, and had P’s hair cut just after, too. He looks cute as ever! :-d


Name one thing you miss about being a child.

Not having to worry about paying the bills.


Pick one: butter, margarine, olive oil.

I use olive oil the most, and prefer unsalted butter to margarine. There’s a good explanation of why it’s better in the one book series I’ve been reading, by Diane Mott Davidson. I forget which book, but it’s basically better to use unsalted because the salt in there isn’t regulated, or something, and you can control how much salt goes into your food and/or you get better with the unsalted.

Main Course

If you could learn another language, which one would you pick, and why?

Well, I took French in high school but it’s really sorta useless, because by the time I was 21 I had forgotten most if not all of it. But, I’d like to try either Spanish—because then I’d understand all the Hispanic, Mexican or Puerto Rican people who live around here, or I could listen in—or Swedish, because I’m 1/4 Swedish! 🙂


Finish this sentence: In 5 years I expect to be…

In 5 years I expect to be living in Colorado, with a good base to my candle biz, and some things published besides! Also, P will be in school so maybe I’ll be working at a library, finally!!!

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