Finishing Friday

Wow, today was a GOOD day. Finally! LOL!

Okay, I’ve had several good days. But it’s nice to finally be REJOICING over how my day went, and not COMPLAINING that it sucked! There are some parts that are better than others, but I definitely think that as a whole it was better than not 🙂

Money tends to surround the places where it could have been better, but then who is surprised by that? Like when the resident manager stopped and commented on the blinds in the middle of the big picture window in the living room. I told him I had been looking into getting a new one. One just hadn’t materialized yet. That posting on Freecycle was the closest I have gotten, but when he said that….I told T, and it was basically decided, after he got up, that we were going to look into a cheaper version than the aluminum mini blinds the Budget Blinds place here in town sells. $120. For a 4 foot by 4 1/2 foot space? It’s cheaper to go with vinyl. At WalMart. But then isn’t everything cheaper at WalMart? UGH! Actually, we went with bamboo ones. $30. For a Roman shade type deal. Which is AWESOME, because I’ve always wanted Roman shades. I even contemplated making my own for the space. I wonder if it would have been cheaper to make them? Because then I could use fabric (old curtains) that I’ve already got, and I’d just need some lighter weight rope and dowels. But either way, it’s fine.

Also in the air…the couple upstairs is having some truck problems. In that they sold this truck they had put out front, and the guy wants to give it back. Some problem with the title. Oh, and about an hour or so ago, we heard something that sounded like either fireworks or gun shots. I called 911. I don’t know what’s up with it though. I was talking to my mother in law on the phone for a while, so I wasn’t watching out the window as I talked, since I was picking up around here. And D’s not feeling well right now. I wonder if *something* isn’t coming for this little girl soon to be a little woman.

Well, I was up pretty late last night. I’ve got a sink full of dishes soaking, I need to get back to them! Then I’m going to bed!


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