Thursday Thirteen—13 neglected sites

Thirteen Neglected Websites (in my bookmarks)

For the first Thursday 13 I've done in a while, I want to go over several sites I've gone to, liked, often joined, but just haven't done a dang thing with. Some I may get rid of, some I may leave alone, some I may do something about. I've just got to go along and decide. I can do a whole series of posts on this. Maybe I will :-) So be ready for posts on sites I like, that I've neglected, that I've found are great for this or that.

1. myspace Yes, I'm there. It's set to private because of my ex-best friend---I was uncomfortable with her seeing all of the picture of my kids (especially P) up there, after she sent me a PM that he was adorable. I was still in the space where I hadn't forgiven her yet.

2. blogher I haven't poked around enough to waylay the confusion I feel as to what the purpose is behind this site. Or what I should be doing with it! :-S

3. mysite Actually, an attempt at my own biz website, to be redirected eventually (through the site) to my actual candle biz site.

4. Corey Haim Message Board (once, it was a sickness...)

5. Lowercase L - I once thought about contributing to this site, but couldn't get a camera to the sign before they took it down!

6. - Every time I go back, things have changed!!! And half the time, I can't download the files :-S

7. Ravelry - Really, I can't ever believe how much I tend to neglect sites like THIS!!! Crochetville's a good one too, and even though it's in my daily visits folder, I still don't go and poke around all the time!

8. Hathor the Cow Goddess - What can I say??? She's just an awesome, natural mommy!! :-D

9. Literary Mama - Gotta keep up on this stuff if I want to call myself a writer, don't I? UGH!

10. 43 Things - And now that I've looked at it and reviewed my list, I realize there are 2 things on there I can say I've "completed" (one I've ACTUALLY completed, the other is relative)

11. Weffriddles - I'm STUCK on 54.1....I just don't remember what batch, or if it's a real level or's been at LEAST a year, maybe 2! But they are FUN and ADDICTING!!! Sorta like blogging, only much much harder!

12. Directmatches - not a dating site, but a networking site!

13. WeeMee - I've got a WeeMee, but I've neglected the poor girl :-(

(There will be more next week! Themed this time!)

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  1. As busy as I am, do you REALLY expect me to follow all those links? On the other hand, it’s really sweet of you to give out all that linky love.

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