Monday morning…

Was a busy one. I’ve been cleaning—most importantly, FOLDING—all morning long! I got up and did a LITTLE knitting, a LITTLE reading, had something to eat, then attacked all those clothes that needed folded. So all but D’s are now put away. P’s been getting himself in to pickles—most notably, running around to the side of the house, where the blackberries are growing. He got put in the corner for that! 😦

It felt good to wake up to a clean house. I pray I can keep it up–for one, I want it to look decent when we get back home from Colorado in August. For another, it just FEELS GOOD to see it like that. I don’t feel QUITE so discouraged looking around here, not like I did last night, and thinking about what hasn’t been done.

So, last night I was working my way through Knit Together (I can’t WAIT until it comes out in paperback, in October! Then I can get it myself, read it again, and make notes!) some more, and a thought occurred to me about what story I might use for the contest I want to enter. I can spend parts of the time we’re in Colorado working on it too! How nice would that be? I just need access to a printer that WORKS (*scowls first at the printer, then at the husband sleeping on the futon*)! Oh well, I can bring my little jumpdrive over to dad’s, and use his printer, I would think 🙂


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