Wednesday evening…

I was going to write other stuff about tonight—started to, in fact, but it just sounded lame. About what I’ve been thinking tonight, what I’ve been pondering about other things, blah blah blah. But like I said, it sounded lame.

I’ve got 3 bags of Amish Friendship Bread starter waiting for me to make stuff this week. I even ended up discussing it with T in WalMart while we were there this evening. He said “make a whole bunch of them”, basically (he doesn’t understand how the recipe works, I have to show it to him sometime). While I was in laying next to P as he fell asleep, it occurred to me that I’ve got recipes of things to do with it. I can look up more recipes, too. I got a recipe for cinnamon rolls from one of the moms at MOPS. I remembered it while I was laying there because I got to thinking about how today was, and how yesterday was, and dealing with him at the MOPS mom’s picnic, and how this particular mom’s little girl looks just like a little porcelain doll. Man, she’s SO CUTE! Really—imagine a little porcelain doll, with the perfect white skin, and the sweet little face, sweet lips, and the fine, blond hair, always up in pigtails—THAT’S this little girl. Just the cutest little thing (after my babies, OF COURSE) that you will EVER see!!! She’ll always be on the smaller side, too, because her mom’s short. I’m 5′ 8″ – supposedly that’s taller than most girls, but really I’ve always felt short.

Anyhow, I’m hoping I can make these things up and then freeze them. That would be so very perfect, ya know? Maybe I’ll start with pancakes that morning…then I’ll definitely make the cinnamon buns. I’ve been wanting to make those for months—cinnamon buns period, not necessarily these. 🙂

I don’t think there’s much other than that. I’m tired now, it’s way too late at night. I haven’t even done any writing today 😦

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