Sunday evening dribble…

Well, I’ve been a busy girl today.

First, while sitting here before starting this post, and after talking to my mentor in the candle biz some, I wrote this:

55 Flash Friday (posted 2 days late!)

Otherwise, I’ve been working around the house. I finally cleared off the futon. That was in part sparked by the fact that T started it, but I’m too scared about what he would have done with everything—plus, he went to deal with the corn he had made so that we could bring it to mom. I sorted through everything that was on there, cleared off the stuff in the corner next to the futon (that’s all the stuff on top of my boxes of yarn), picked up the floor, moved the boxes a bit at the bottom of the stairs, and gathered up garbage. I’m thinking the last thing I might do tonight besides feed everyone around here (T’s already left) is straighten the bedroom.

The worst part of doing all this work around here is that I keep looking around and while I know that I’ve done a good bit of work, but I look around and see all the other things I’d like to do. Like, I’ve gotten so many dishes washed over the last week, but I see the rest I need to do, and the table which constantly needs to be cleared off, and all the clothes I need to fold here in the computer room and the living room, and the ones that need to be washed, and all the books I want to read, and the bathroom, which I want to get further cleaned up, plus the entryway/sunroom, and I just feel so discouraged!!! I’d like this whole place to look halfway decent when we leave at the end of the month so that when we get back from Colorado, the place is welcoming.

And my hand hurts. My right hand’s a bit sore. I’m not sure why–I’m wondering if it’s just regular wear considering all my crocheting and knitting and typing and mousework, etc. I’m going to go take some ibuprofen and get off this here computer!

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