4th of July weekend

I hope everyone’s weekend has gone smoothly! Ours went okay, other than a minor disagreement with my daughter’s friend’s mother.

I want things to get better for that girl, but sometimes it’s like she’s bound and determined to dig herself a hole. And I think there’s probably a lot of things besides that brain tumor that are preventing her mother from seeing the truth. Maybe going to a foster home will be a GOOD thing for that girl!!! 😦 As sad as that sounds—I’ve met a couple foster parents in this county, and they don’t seem all that bad…

I’ve even thought about us becoming a foster family ourselves, but not in this house. And I don’t know if T would be up for that—he was in a foster home at one point when he was a kid.

So, anyhow, on to rather positive stuff…

I got the mailings out that I needed to. Which included 5 books through PaperBackSwap.com, and the rent check. We even went for a walk today! So we could all go to the farmer’s market downtown and not use much gas. Though we used a lot later on 😐

The fireworks last night were pretty good. Even though we had a tree in front of us, so it obscured part of some of them. Like I said in another post, T wanted to sit near the pier, and we did, which meant we got to see them shoot off, and even got to see the few that didn’t make it up. That was close to the end of the display. Also close to the end of the display, I had to deal with a VERY wet diaper. I did a quick switch, where I put the new one on over the old one, and took the old one off after that. I think he might have felt like he was getting a minor wedgie, but at least he was dry and ready for bed when I got done. I think he wanted to curl up on mom and go to sleep, or maybe he wanted to be warmed up because he was all wet. But he fell asleep in the car on the way home, so it was no problem putting him in bed—T got to do that. But he took a nap this afternoon, so he was a bit more difficult to put to bed. Besides, he was out playing with the youngest of the kids upstairs.

I’ve got most of the dishes done. Can’t really say that about the rest of the house, but I’m working on it.

And I’ve finished the blanket for T’s coworker, I just have to wash it tomorrow.

Now, I was up late last night, I don’t want to be up so late tonight, so it’s just after midnight and I’m going to bed!

Church in the morning! 🙂


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