July 4th…

Woo hoo, happy birthday America!!

Oh my how you have grown!!!

How tipsy turvy your life has been!

You know, if America were a human, then it would probably constantly be sick! 😦 There’s a sad thought!

Anyhow…we’re going to go to this community’s sliver of Lake Erie to watch the fireworks this evening. T wants to go to the pier. So, since he’s sleeping right now, I’m going to get him up about 7, and we’ll eat (my own chicken salad and corn), and then hopefully head over there to find a place to park (this won’t be easy, people! I know there are HUNDREDS of Southern Tier-ites who are already over there!), and then find a place to SIT. He likes sitting near the pier *insert eye roll*.

I’m not doing much of any writing today, but I’m happy to point out that the site I get a lot of prompts from, Toasted Cheese, finally has their calendar partly filled out! 🙂 Another great prompt site is Creative Writing Prompts. How much simpler can you get? 🙂

Okay, that’s about it. It’s going to be a fun night. P’s been a pain for most of this afternoon 😦 I know it’s not going to stop here.


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