Thursday morning…

I always look forward to Thursdays. It’s when the money comes in. I am so peeved about the fact that my life revolves around my checkbook—what can I or can’t I get because the checkbook is reading low on funds? What am I going to do about this bill or that because of the level of funds in the bank? How am I going to pay for that extra $100 on the gas bill and still put food on the table for the family (that’s a real life question, folks!)?

Then I ran across this verse at Proverbs 31’s daily devotional blog the other day:

“Give me an eagerness for your laws rather than a love for money!” Psalm 119:36

I realized, that’s what I need—to be eager to learn God’s laws, and not focus on what’s in my wallet (or not, as the case may be). From what I hear, all else will fall into place. I’ll have to do something, sure, but that something will include following God’s laws, invaritiably. So that’s what I need to do.

Now to just work on doing that!

And here I sit. I’m hoping to do the 100 word challenge at Velvet Verbosity’s blog again. I’ve got a preliminary idea written. My inspiration was yesterday’s trip to the beach. I’ll poke at it again later, after I’ve gotten up from here and done other things.

One thing I’m feeling drawn to…it’s raining outside right now. If you know anything about me, it should be that I LOVE to watch rain storms, and thunderstorms, and after you read this week’s idea for 100 words, water in general (hey, you should already know that, I posted some pictures of the wonder that is Canadaway Creek some weeks back! When we borrowed dad’s camera).

I’m feeling a strong draw out to the porch. Gotta change for the day first! So I will see you all later!

P.S. For those that wondered, yes I slept okay last night. Except for the fact that a little guy kept moving around more than usual and even decided he’d get up and lay on the floor at one point. Shoulda left him there!

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