Life’s a beach…

Today the kids and I went to the beach, here on our community’s little sliver of Lake Erie. It was fun And I don’t seem much redder for the excursion, either.

And this afternoon was the meeting with one of the pastors on becoming a member at the church we’ve been going to since last September. That went well. I even put my idea out on the table about starting up a crochet and/or knitting group for making things like prayer shawls.

Yesterday, while listening to the soundtrack from my friend’s movie from a college class, I thought it was time to finally email another friend, that I met through him and his wife, and so today I got a message back and it’s nice to get old friends back. I was poking around his myspace page, and saw one of those playlists from Project Playlist again, and so I’ve been working on building one. It’s been fun. 😀 I’m hoping I can post it someplace like here, or even Blogger will work. 🙂

But now it’s about bed time, so I’m going!


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