Making a home…

Isn’t easy. I’m not talking about the putting together of boards and nails and plaster and dry wall. No, I’m talking about being a homemaker—in today’s venacular, being a Stay At Home Mom. It’s not easy. I hate to clean. Really. I’d rather be crocheting. Or writing, or reading. Sometimes I just don’t have the energy. Sometimes I try to do so much I overwhelm myself, then stop. Sometimes, because it’s been so long as I have, it’s like it’s all ganging up and on me, and I feel so bad, I’ve just got to do it all now. I’ve picked up the floor, started (but not actually washed) a sink of dishes, picked up and sorted out all the clothes that need washed, and cleared off the desk here.

You know, there was a time when I felt like I had it all together. I wasn’t doing as much writing as I would have liked then, but I do believe I was writing, and I was keeping this house in some semblence of a running order. I had P down for bed at a decent hour nearly every night, the clothes washed, the dishes washed, I had a routine and a schedule.

Now, none of that really holds true. I can get the floor picked up and vacuumed fairly well, but I don’t have the clothes washed in an orderly fashion, the dishes have piled up horribly, and P doesn’t get to bed at the hour I’d really like. My futon is once again covered with things more often than not. My entry way/sunroom is a mess. It could be worse, I suppose. And I’ve got 2 empty boxes that I’m not really sure what to do with the stuff in them. I’d like to do the best I can and have this place looking presentable by the time we get out to Colorado in August. I have just a month to do all this in. 😐

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