Just a weekend…

Not totally unlike any other. Okay, I don’t often go to a wedding, or a work picnic, but it was pretty tame.

We dropped the kids at off at my daughter’s friend’s house, and then went out to the wedding. It was my sister’s godfather’s. He’s in his 50’s, and is a Lutheran minister. He hasn’t even barely had a girlfriend (that I know of) since I can remember. The lady he married is really nice. She has 2 older girls, and I think she’s a Doctor of something (Ph.D., but not as in medical). They met one evening after he had been studying for something, in a coffee shop. I guess from then on it was history 🙂 We weren’t able to stay for the reception, but I did manage to stay long enough to say congrats and talk with his new wife for a minute or two.

Then we rushed off to get the kids and go to the picnic. T had spent most of the time at the wedding looking sour. He was really tired, as he hadn’t even taken a nap before we got ready and left. I wasn’t happy with that. But we went and got the kids, and it was actually pretty good at the picnic, even though we got stuck in the rain for a bit. The line for the chicken dinners was LONG, and while we were standing in it for the hour we were standing in it, it rained. It didn’t start thundering until we got over to the tent, which I was sorta thankful for. Except for the part where my daughter was out on the rides—but I think she had come back over to the tent to by that time, as I don’t remember being that worried. There were several lightning strikes, one maybe a little bit closer than the others, but not so close it was all that close to the lightning.

This was all at Willowfest, a carnival put on, at the winery this was at, every year. We played a little bingo (always played with prizes the union buys for it), put in for the 50/50 raffle (wow we could have used that money), and ate the food stuffs provided (hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, peanuts). P played on the playset that was in our roped off area, and got his pants all muddy (this is, of course, after the rain was done). Then we watched the fireworks that the winery puts off each night of the carnival. We got home about 11:30. P had fallen asleep in the car (just barely), but woke back up after he was put in his bed. So I went about laying with him to go to sleep and going to sleep myself.

Church went well also. Because of how late we got home, I decided to go to the last service, which starts at about 11:15. And we still got there about halfway through the first song. A guy I know from high school, who also works sometimes at a local pizza place and was our neighbor at our next to last apartment was there. That sorta surprised me. I’m getting more and more surprised every time I see someone from high school—we’re in our 30’s, and we’re already starting to look “old”. The guys especially. Then we stayed until they closed the coffee counter up, something we actually do often when we’re there around the last service. D went to the leadership corp meeting that evening. Otherwise, it was relaxed. I worked on the afghan I’m doing for T’s co-worker. I’m about 3/4 of the way through assembling the squares.

I’m cleaning today. It needs it. I’m starting with garbage and the floor as usual. Then I have the follow up appointment for my ultrasound on my kidneys the other day. I guess I should get working on this floor (and switch the tv over to the news), so off I go! 🙂


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