Friday’s Frenzy

And yet, it won’t be nearly as fun and fast paced as tomorrow. Okay, not so much fast paced, but we’re going to be doing much more traveling that we have in a while. We’re going to my sister’s godfather’s wedding—she can only get to the reception—then we’ll be heading back here to town to make T’s union work picnic. I’ve got a new shirt, and new shoes just for it. My good shoes had started to look a little worn, since they really are…worn, I mean. All the time.

Today was a good one. Obviously, I haven’t been on the net much today. In fact, this is the first time I’ve sat down here more than a minute. And it’s after midnight. Today’s the first day of summer vacation. And we had errands to run, and P wanted to stay outside, and we had D’s ceremony for the end of the year for Girl Scouts. She’s now a Cadet 🙂 She’s growing up way too fast. But he’s getting better at sitting.

I’m pondering the week’s 100 Words over at Velvet Verbosity. I’ve got an idea or two, but nothing down yet. In fact, I haven’t written since yesterday, and I don’t foresee much writing time until later Sunday at the earliest. Maybe I’ll get something in tomorrow at the picnic or something. I won’t be the one driving at least on the way down to the wedding.

Just a long day. I’ve got a baby blanket I’m assembling…see you at the end of the weekend, when I have a lot to catch up on!


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