Half way through…

The week, how nice. And one day left on D’s school year. Nicer still. This time tomorrow, unless we get a report card/letter reporting otherwise, my daughter will be 1 summer away from the 7th grade.

Jiminy Cricket, where DID the time go??? I can just barely remember when she was…well, when she was her little brother’s age! Now she’s on the very CUSP of becoming a woman. The dominoes have already started to fall, just one or two more left to go. Booo hooo!

So, anyhow…things are still looking up. I looked over finances, and I don’t have to worry much about this month’s gas bill. It will be late (which totally sucks), but I’ll have it paid shortly. Of course, no sooner to I find out that I’ll be able to take care of it, and then I take a look at the thing. And it’s going up $100, even WITH the budget plan. That’s nearly all of my budget, there is just NO WAY I can take care of that each month. But you know what’s sweet. Like the great hubby he is, T started lookin’ into it. Right up to getting on his hands and knees on the ground outside looking at the meters. And I had found a great company whose intervention might help a lot. We filled out nearly all of the form they require, we just have to print it and send it off. I hope so….:-| I can’t stand this energy crisis.

I can’t tell you how many times the thought occurred to me…with all the problems with bills and money and such out there, can you imagine how many people out there are praying for things to get better with it? Or to stay the same? And what about the greedy ones who are praying for it to get worse so that their pockets get fatter? And I thought about paradoxal it is to hope for the stock market to get better, but for the cost of things to get cheaper. I mean, whose back does that come off of? It doesn’t come off of the company’s back, because they’re always trying to make a profit, at just about any cost (really, think about it). Who’s backs do you think that comes off of? I could tell you, but you wouldn’t believe me.

The thoughts continue. PBS is just so informational, so inspirational, so tellings. I think it’s still quite timely, they still have their fingers on the pulse of the world. What I really wrote, that majority of what I wrote when I first sat down here, I just erased. It’s still true—it’s a lot of things I’ve thought before, and things I’ve said, but I just saw no point in publishing it.

My thoughts are all a jumble. All too often. It’s interesting that a lot of what I’ve been thinking, and a lot of what I’ve been watching tonight on PBS were along the same lines.

Do my a favor, my favorite readers. Pray for me today that I can be able to do some serious cleaning. Tomorrow too. This place needs it BADLY. And I think I might be able to do it today. I hope. I hope I can get the kids involved one way or another. I hope it rains nicely too 😀 I love rain.

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  1. This time of ‘crisis’ is so hard on so many people. I so hope the GW and Cheney go to jail over all of this. Because it all falls to them. It really, really does. Them and their greed and the friends’ greed. And it’s hard on you and me and all of us ‘little people’. It is NOT fair.

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